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The London Masters of Escrima Seminar


Grandmaster Rene Latosa - 10th degree Master of Escrima

Master Bill Newman - 9th degree Master of Escrima

Steve Tappin - 5th degree Master of Escrima


The Masters of Escrima are coming to London on the 6th July 1999.

Only ONE Seminar will be available this year due to their busy World Tour. This Seminar is due to Student Demand and early bookings are advised.


Venue for the Seminar and Meal on Tuesday 6th July:

61 Turnmill Street,

Tel: 0171-608-3220

By Road from MI follow A1 from Archway drive down Holloway Road until you reach the Roundabout at Highbury Corner take a right turn into Upper Street - keep driving straight - Past the Angel - follow the signs to St Bartholomew's Hospital and Smithfield Market - After the Angel - take a right at either the third or forth set of traffic lights - this will be Clerkenwell Road - Turnmills is on the left just before Farringdon Road.

Nearest Tube Station is Farringdon, which is located on the CIRCLE and METROPOLITAN lines. Below is map which can be used to locate Turnmill's from the Tube Station.

Turnmill's Map


The scheduled start of the seminar is at 7pm and will be followed by a Meal at 9.30pm
Price for the Seminar and Meal is £40 (excluding drinks). £30 must be paid as deposit (non-refundable) to Steve Tappin, followed by £10 before 30th June 1999. Alternatively, you can pay in full straight away.

To reserve Seminar places, print out and fill in the form below. Alternatively, you can hand write a letter using the following form as a guide:


Attendee Name(s): ______________________________

I/We wish to attend the Latosa-Escrima Seminar (and Meal) on Tuesday 6th July 1999 @ 7pm.

I/We enclose the minimum deposit of £30 per person attending and agree to pay the balance before 30th June 1999.

Alternatively, I/We enclosed the full amount of £40 per person.

Signed ______________________________

Date ______________


Address  ______________________________
PostCode  ______________________________

Telephone No: ____________
Fax No: ____________

Email: _____________________________

Please return this form and deposit to Steve Tappin before 30th June 1999. Make all cheques payable to Steve Tappin.


Send to:

Steve Tappin,
78 Wellesley Road,
Clacton on Sea,
CO15 3PN

Tel & Fax: 01255 221 058
Mobile: 0468 518 057

For any questions or comments, send e-mail to
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