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Latosa-Escrima Concepts Video (55 minutes)

Latosa-Escrima Video

    Filmed entirely on location at Langenzell Castle, Germany (Home of the EWTO). Tape content includes:

  • History
    A look at the development of Latosa-Escrima
  • Balance
    The foundation of all movements
  • Power
    Using the correct alignment of the body when striking
  • Adaptability
    Using balance, power and timing in differing situations
  • Box
    Grandmaster Rene's Box system
  • Zone
    The ability to control striking
  • Attitude
    Developing the fighting spirit
  • Blending
    Integrating balance, power, timing and adaptability.
  • Tournament
    A look at the Escrima tournaments held by the EWTO.

To purchase the Latosa-Escrima Concepts Video (VHS format) send a 29.95 + 2.50 P&P (UK) or 6 P&P (Overseas) cheque or postal/money order payable to:

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