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The Original Leung Ting WingTsun
WARNING!! Archive Information Only!

GrandMaster Keith R. Kernpecht

Is back to stay in GB and will be giving Seminars on:

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September 1998

The Seminars will consist of WingTsun, WT-Anti-GroundFighting and WT-For-Health.

Expected Participants (Without Guarantee):

Venue for the Two Day Seminar:

Picture of Crouch Hill Recreational Centre
Crouch Hill Recreational Centre
83 Crouch Hill
London N8
Tel: 0171 263 0293

Venue Map

This map is also provided on the venue leaflet, which is part of the Seminar pack available from Steve Tappin.

Transport Map For Crouch Hill Recreational Centre

Times of Seminars for both Saturday and Sunday 26th & 27th September 1998

Saturday 26th: Demonstration and teaching of 12 student programmes, WT anti-groundfighting by Emin Boztepe, sparring & chi sao programmes, WT Chi Kung, pressure points etc.. how to join the EWTO GB as instructors.

Sunday 27th: Grandmaster Leung Ting reports how he learned from Great Grandmaster Yip Man, GM Leung Ting demonstrates his soft concept of WingTsun, questions and answers, etc. Master Bill Newman and Steve Tappin demonstrate Escrima and their medieval weapons concept.

Promotional Prices for Seminars

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