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Is WT Contemporary?

In a civilised industrial country, a self-defense system like WingTsun is a leisure time activity for everybody and provides considerable improvement in quality of life. In a addition to new self confidence, WT provides you with sensible exercises and a comprehensive work out.

The ancient Chinese people developed an extensive knowledge about the correlation between physical movements and the functionality of inner organs. Generations of healers developed exercises for your health that can be understood and be practised by everybody. Especially, the martial arts showed an intensive and vital interest in an easy cultivation of all physical and mental talents.

Today, too many people lack physical exercises and spend too much time with their work and leisure time in repetitive and limited activities. More and more of us lose our natural potential for body mobility and senses. It is no coincidence that modern neurophysiology works on physical therapeutic exercises that shall repair, or prevent from, the progressive desolation of important parts of the civilised human being's brain. WT gives you back your natural talent. The whole body, which should stay uncontrolled by your opponent, will be under the control of all your senses. To cultivate those necessary reflexes, WT reactivates parts of the brain that lie fallow even in young people.

In addition to the necessary and realistic self-defense exercises, only WT offers specific exercises ( chi sao ) to train that repertoire of reflexes. Individual fitness exercises for your daily program are an additional important part of the system. Similar to traditional Chinese shadowboxing, WT offers exercises that train and control the fundamental functionality of the body, the breathing and the perceptive faculty with greatest ease.

Corresponding to the different preconditions and lifestyle of the individual student, WT also uses the appropriate way to teach self-defense. Instead of military mass drills, WT schools offer didactic instructions in small groups. Every member exercises with students of his/her same skill level. Permanent further development of concept and techniques assures high quality and contemporary status of WT as "State of the Art ". This status is observed by the EWTO-GB. Its Chief Instructor Keith Kernspecht, who brought WingTsun to Europe more than 20 years ago, belongs to the most acknowledged teachers and fighters of the world. He, together with Dr Leung Ting, gives seminars in Europe, and checks all European students himself regularly.

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